“The page becomes my stage
to wage wars with syllables,
consonants, vowels.
I howl in the thick
of the night.

To conjure my poetical might.”

– UniverSouLove, Poet/Hip Hop Extrodiannaire

What can I say about this cat… he’s never short of amazing with his pen. He exudes nothing but truth when he speaks of “breathing life into microphones daily.” It’s an admirable habit to have especially when you’ve been making the pen and paper do the strut for ten plus years. Say his name with me folks, U-ni-ver-Sou-Love! Last year UniverSouLove along with D.J. Skittells put his signature poem, “I Am A Poet” to music and it spiraled out of control into a hip hop masterpiece. Word to poetry and word to hip hop! Let’s us know what you think. πŸ™‚

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