“I keep a guard up from the foolishness & propaganda & let the music melodies & my experience in life work through me to bring out NoTTy Trax.” – @NottyRas’s 140

Okay, the other day I exchanged several “healthy” tweets with a hip hop, dancehall artist who WILL take things to another level – Notty Ras. Born in the Chi and raised in the Bay Area, his Twitter bio simply reads CONQUEROR. His real name Niaybinghi means DEATH TO ALL OPPRESSORS. Yet, NottyRas remains truly humbled by the give and take of life. He’s a serious brother, who is nothing less than real when it comes to his music and his future outlook.

“Life is a gift and blessing from the most high… I’m tryin to show my appreciation by bringin out the best of life through word, power and sound.”

Currently signed to Illgenetics record label, this former DJ/radio host and music director of Tight Rope Magazine, is currently paving the way for his own lane and putting us on notice that he ain’t going no where. (DJ’s are you listening to this man’s dub plates?) Notty Ras’s focus right now IS to continue to build on creating and promoting his music. (DJ’s are you playing this man’s dub plates?)

I was introduced to this NottyRas via Twitter (yes I do open up those downloads)… and you know what it feels like when great music invades your ears, just giving you a long lasting eargasm? Well, NottyRas has got you covered (no pun intended shallow minds) with his swift on the lyrics, bass bumpin’ Bay Area style, hip hop, dancehall track “Fall Back” which delivers nothing but fire! Yeah, I admit I became a “Fall Back” addict for a minute and I’m not going to rehab! (Please click the link for the free download at www.spiceypromotions.com) And for hip hop fans who crave the art of scratching, you will no doubt be pleased with the laid back tempo of “All Hustle” featuring D.J. Greg Scott on the 1’s and 2’s. Even NottyRas warns that this song may ’cause “slight envy attacks…” Don’t read into the confident ego ya’ll, his lyrics and music only speak truth.

Nottty Ras’s current CD and first solo project “Spit Tape” is currently available on iTunes as is music from his group Baywurld entitled “Those Who Walk On Water”. Free downloads are available from both projects (nothing like a Google and youtube search to get you started). But what’s NEW with Notty Ras? He’s ALL HUSTLE – a women’s and boys clothing line in the near future, a yet to be titled dancehall, hip hop mixtape, and he’ll be working on his second solo project entitled “I Do What I Know”. In the meantime Notty Ras is still servin’ up the dub plates over at Spicey Promotions (shout out to DrPostALot!)… so support Bay Area hip hop, support hip hop period by getting those dub plates and spreading the word! Otherwise you know what you can do… fall back! Happy Friday y’all!

NottyRas on the web:
Spicey Promotions Profile Page
YouTube “Always Something”