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MC Hammer ‘Honored’ That Rick Ross Named A Song After Him

MC Hammer 'Honored' That Rick Ross Named A Song After Him

I haven’t heard the song yet, but wow this must be a great honor. Nicki and Kim this is called paying homage.


Just having some fun today and I ain’t the first… but don’t front you know what I’m talking about… flip that hand, look over your shoulder (not at the camera) as you bust over them tracks, a million backward head nods to the left and right, SPITTIN’ what yo mama gave you!


Kid N’ Play

Bring the fun back to hip hop – please???
Kid N’ Play on the George Lopez Show. Peep Kid’s new hairstyle/style… he kinda has the Bono effect going on.

North Carolina You Betta Raise Up…

I’m telling, you I love it when emcees just go hard and the music knocks harder!

Soulja Boy’s: Animated Series, Episode 1

The hip hop world is big enough for him. This is the first episode of Soulja Boy’s animated series “Soulja Boy Tell’em”. These days, I’m tired of “reading” about the Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj beef (as I don’t hype up hip hop beef on these pages anyway but I do read), this video was a breath of fresh air to watch. Alphonso Ribiero, yes from “The Fresh Prince”, yes from the old school Pepsi/Jackson 5 commercials, and yes THAT DUDE from the sitcoms he played in with Rick Schroeder and L.L. Cool J makes a hilarious appearance as the school principal. Below the first episode, is the video/theme song for the animated series entitled what else “Soulja Tell’em” which is just as funny as the first episode of the series. Both videos have been out for sometime now (however comedy is timeless)… yep I’m jumpin’ on the late train. Sometimes it’s “heavy like that” (Notty Ras) as I do more than just blog – sometimes I r-e-l-a-x and that’s a lost art form, right Diddy? 😉

Kanye West Joins BET Awards Lineup |

I did not post this because this is GOOD FOR hip hop, I posted this because I’m a fan of Kanye and hip hop. 😉

Kanye West Joins BET Awards Lineup |

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Eminem – Not Afraid

Hands down he’s never been afraid to express himself through his music and lyrics – Eminem’s “Not Afraid”.

Bow Wow – Lottery Ticket (Movie Trailer)

“Nobody can know about this.” – Bow Wow’s character in “Lottery Ticket”. Check out the preview.

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