Official Track Listing – S.I.T.H. (@DefSick92) – Doctor-Patient EP – Release Date, 9/1/13


1. Doctor-Patient Relations
(Prod. by EBanga)

2. Rap Justice
(Prod. by razorSHARPE)

3. Troubadour
(Prod. by razorSHARPE)

4. Right Now
(Prod. by razorSHARPE)

5. Want The Bucks
(Prod. by Despair)

6. It’s A Problem!
(Prod. by razorSHARPE)

7. Subconscious
(Prod. by E-Banga)

And, what can listeners expect from
S.I.T.H.’s (Sick In The Head) “Doctor-Patient EP?

“Listeners can expect to be introduced to SITH a bit more intimately, with that classic Boom-
Bap sound as the backdrop. Despite the title, this EP isn’t really a “themed” EP, but rather my own personal form of self-therapy (hence “Doctor-Patient”). Being able to make these songs the way that I did definitely helped me
to deal with a lot of personal issues that I faced during the creation of this EP. Some of these things i’ve dealt with my whole life.” – S.I.T.H.

S.I.T.H. – Black Leopard. Five Fingers of Death. Coast 2 Coast Mixtape, Indie Top 50 Vol. 157 – See Track #32. Product of the elite – PEMG.


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