“Prone Practice is a West Los Angeles based Independent Hip Hop Rapper,Producer and Songwriter. His music represents his Venice, CA upbringing while staying true to the art and culture of original Hip Hop. Prone’s tongue twisted, playful word flow places emphasis on his powerful comprehensive lyrics focusing on real life circumstance. In addition the beatsmith’s melodic sample derived rhythms and boom-bap drums pack a sweet punch of that real Hip Hop feel complementing a self crafted flow.

His latest project entitled Creative Control was released on November 1, 2013, and has already gained much support and positive feedback. “I support it, I stand by it”, said underground heavyweight 2MEX of The Visionaries. The project is available for streaming and free download for a limited time at

There appears to be no rest or stopping for this young hungry artist, constantly building and grinding to reach the next level. At only 19 years old this MC/Producer/Hip Hop Entrepreneur has already started leaving his mark on today’s underground music scene. He has worked with rising stars and hip hop legends in the likes of Johaz of Dag Savage and 2MEX of The Visionaries. Prone Practice is a force to be reckoned with, its just a matter of time. Don’t miss out on this new sound rising from the home of the ocean breeze and Sensi green, this is Prone Practice.

About the EP: Creative Control

To be creative is being able to visualize something in your mind, something that does not exist, and act upon your vision to make it exist Control is the face behind that vision. Its bigger than an album title, its a way of thinking. Embodying the title, Prone Practice drops his latest EP “Creative Control”.

The project is solely produced by Prone Practice and includes features from Johaz of Dag Savage on “Bring it Back” and Kianna Ruesga on “Sunshine”. It displays the highs and lows of life through a young mans perspective, struggling through growth and change and transitioning to finding the beauty in the filth and have a grasp on life. The project dropped on November 1st, 2013 and is available for free download on

“Fly Times”

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