Tony Moreaux drops his video and song “Sign Here” off theEP “Had You At Hello “, which is scheduled to be released this winter.

The song “Sign Here”, like a majority of the project, was produced by TonyMoreaux himself. For the EP, beats were also contributed by Da BeatMinerz,Fade and Evolushin.

About Tony Moreaux

From the east side of Lynn Massachusetts, Tony Moreaux,who may come off as lyrical, but can also have you repeating one of his hooks for hours. Just when you thoughthooks and verses was his only type of musical creation, he is also a producer for himself and others. You may hear Tony kicking some aggressive bars, but never is he rapping about shooting, stabbing,or torturing any one to death. However, his creativity allows him to keep his product raw as ever. Tony is giving you histake on life from the “regular guy” perspective without being “regular” or typical. Just like anyoneelse,the man hasa story and hegivesyou just that without any fabrication. Enjoy the sounds of Tony Moreaux as he strives to touch,motivate and cater to the masses by speaking about his real life events. Keeping you locked in by bringing his happiness, sadness, and witty humor to the table. At the end of the day,Tony isn’t just a voice coming out of your headphones or speakers, he’s one of us and will proceed to give you whatyou can relate to and more.

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