“We are no one’s enemy but they fear us all…we can never bow or never fear our truth…so even while (we) remain humble and strategic…. (its) just thangs we don’t do.” – Notty Ras

“Street politics, f*ckery, and hate.” Oscar Grant and Hajj Malcolm El Shabazz (R.I.P.) These are just some of the elements and people that Notty Ras says inspired the lyrics to his very gritty and hard hitting, track and video “Don’t Do”. What I like about this track is that Notty Ras’s intent and message doesn’t come off as cliche, instead he simply “aims steady” in his delivery and, keeps a strong foot (blunt force knowledge) on your neck in order to drive his message home. Notty Ras is raw and grabs you by the collar with some truth. Two words. Don’t do.

“Don’t Do” is featured on the classic mixtape “Hip Hop and Heights” by All Blak (Notty Ras & The Goddess Stallieon) which is available for download on For 2014 Notty Ras will welcome the year with a new EP and a new partnership (IDC)… so stay tuned…

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