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#Hiphop “StandAloneBelievingInDecember” – by @HeySkyblew


Skyblew’s delivery feels like “warm” on a sunny day… just keep kissing a sista’s face sunshine!

“StandAloneBelievingInDecember” is somewhat of mini compiliation/visual interpretation of three verses and choruses each from SkyBlew’s last three projects. I think its a pretty solid video and introduction that new listeners can appreciate. “Paint the sky blew” and enjoy!

Director @shanempetty

Download SkyBlew’s latest project “Window Seat On That Midnight Train” on bandcamp.


#Hiphop – “Fair Eastside” by Moses West @supamoe (Prod. by ill Clinton @illClinton904)


Damn right this is a fan favorite from the LP “You’re Gonna Love Me” by Ill Clinton and Moses West. I am late posting this but seriously I couldn’t wait for THIS particular video to drop!!

Praise thy name
Praise thy name
Praise thy naaaame!


“Fair Eastside” is a soulful heartfelt, and lyrical ode to “Outeast”, the notorious east side of Jacksonville, FL.”

Directed by Notsucal & Mr. Al Pete

About ill Clinton & Moses West:

ill Clinton, is aproducer, mult-instrumentalist, and song-writer. As one of the premier soul and hip hop producers in northeast Florida, ill has produced music for many talented artists in Florida’s underground soul and hip hop scene. “ill” is also a team member at The Cypher Open Mic Poetry & soul, a bi-weekly spoken word open mic and soul music event.

Moses West is one of the Southeast’s most in demand lyricist and spoken word artist. He is the host of “Cometry” and “The Poetry Spot”, two staples of NE Florida’s entertainment scene.


#HipHop Free Download – “Reality” – Magnificent Ruffians & Dkoldis


Reality is… you can’t put quality emcees in a box…

About the Album:

“Album # 16. This time we decidedto colab with our personal friend Dkoldis. He is like a brother to us and we all go way back to the days of Colton High School. Now as grown men in the game, we all have new talents, views and ideas when it comes to music so you can say we were destined to work together one day. But we are all strong willed individuals so honestly this album was pretty hard at times. But fuck it, that’s life right? You don’t pick your family, you just have to learn to love and respect each other no matter what and work threw the hard shit. So there you have it…. Reality! The Realist shit we ever wrote! Word! ”

You can listen to the album on their Bandcamp and grab it for free at

About Magnificent Ruffians:

“Hailing from Southern California’s own Inland Empire, just 50 miles East of Los Angeles comes the underground hip-hop trio Specific, Master Chief and Dj Sway Deeze known collectively as the Magnificent Ruffians. The groups’ name was inspired by the Shaw Bros. Kung Fu cult classic “The Magnificent Ruffians”. Don’t let the name catch you off guard though, these guys are nothing short of pure fire with over adecade of thought provoking songs and 7albums under their belts, with 3albums being released in the last quarter or 2009, with 2of the 3 released being double CD. The first being “The Magnificent Soul LP” a collaboration album with the producer group known as Elevated Soul. The second album double disc released was “Firewater” which was another collaboration album with Eno.D (emcee/producer) of Tha Othas. The third release but not the least was “12 Jewels, Knowledge and Freedom” collaboration album with Anthalyzah of Forensic Abolitionist. The Ruffians (for short) has a resume of music that include collaborations with Triple Platinum Artist Pace Won (from the Fugees “Score” album), hip-hop legend Masta Ace, Guilty Simpson, Rock Marciano of the U.N., Phil da Agony of Strong Arm Steady, Ohno, Wild Child of the Lootpack, and Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox. The Ruffians are all about the business when it comes to hip-hop and their music. With ground breaking performances in hollywood, Pasadena, at the House of Blues in Anaheim, and internationally in Germany these guys truly are adiamond in the Ruff, with a professional work ethics that is unmatched you would think that they are already signed to a major label. With recognition from local publications to numerous internet radio exposure, and with songs “Harlem Renaissance” off their Magnificent Soul LP and “Yes I Am” from their Firewater album being featured on the popular “And1 Mixtape Tour in Japan Final” dvd video including music being available for download on itunes, amazon music, rhapsody, and napster etc. its only amatter of a time before the Ruffians become a house hold name. Until the Ruffians get their chance to shine in the lime light they will continue to show and prove their Magnificence.”

Follow Magnificent Ruffians online:



#Hiphop – @TheStereoBoyz – “Live From The Ghettoblaster – Instrumental Release”


PR Campaign… Thank you Stereo Boyz and Wanja!

“Since the 2010 release of the Stereo Boyz’ EP “Live from the Ghettoblaster”, there has been high demand for an instrumental version of the project. Now, in support of their newly released album “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz”, the Boyz have decided to finally let this collection of beats out of their vault.

Being appreciative of their fans, the Stereo Boyz have decided to give away a free, digital copy of “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz” with every purchase of the Live from the Ghettoblaster Instrumental release.

You can listen to and grab it on”

Follow the Stereo Boyz…



#Hiphop @4rAx of THE MEKANIX – “Kerosene “


More music from Oakland from 4rAx, 1/2 of The Mekanix. I miss the Bay Area… Sometimes a woman needs her Oakland funk. Enjoy!

Follow 4rAx on Twitter.


#Hiphop Soli Blue (@SoliBlueMusic) – “Refuse To Sink”


Here is a little gem for you from experimental hip hop artist Soli Blue called “Refuse To Sink”. This track certainly awakens one’s cultural spirit and some underground railroad ancestral spirits too… listen and enjoy!

Stream Soli Blue’s mixtape “The West Zoo” – Volume 1 on SoundCloud.

Follow Soli Blue on Twitter.


#Australia HipHop – “Lost The Plot” – Provocalz ft. S.I.T.H.


New music… better yet a new collaboration from emcees Provocalz (Sydney, Australia) and S.I.T.H. This track is entitled “Lost The Plot” off of Provocalz’s  “Verbal Reality Vol.2” mixtape. Enjoy!

Listen to more tracks from Provocalz’s Verbal Reality Vol.2 here.


#Hiphop “Oaklandish” – Dayvid Michael (@Davuahh) ft. Steve Shankle (@SteveShankle)


Bars and choruses should be captivating. For example…

“You might as well go in a corner
And sh*t on yourself…

This toilet’s mine,
So where is yours?
Oh, you can rap?
Oh, you record?
Oh, you got a song?
Oh, rhyming is your sport?
Don’t take that to the dome
We still on my home court lil (THAT WORD)…”

Now, what did he just tell you? Oaklandish 101. I love the potent satire, sarcacism, and message in this track. Kind of makes a listener instantly humble… After all, we all in this together. Right?

Listen to “Oaklandish” on SoundCloud.

Follow the CaliMade collective on CaliMade…MaliCade… yep, they are five steps ahead of you on the word play.

Follow Dayvid Michael on Twitter.
Follow Steve Shankle on Twitter.


#Hiphop “Stampede” Jonathan Sosa (@IAmJonathanSosa) – (Production by JustMelv)


iPhone PR: Priceless…

“Who is Jonathan Sosa? That’s the burning question that everybody is trying to figure out. After capturing the new artist spotlight, on, and his recent feature on the critically acclaimed Tsu Surf project “Tsu Me”, this young emcee’s stock has seemingly skyrocketed overnight. Next up in his quest for notoriety is the heavily anticipated EP with Pro Club producer JustMelv. There has been nothing but speculation surrounding this project as of yet, but this leak may prove to be a tidbit of what’s to come. There’s no telling what to expect from these 2, but it’s safe to say they’ve managed to hold me captive….at least for the moment.”


Blood, sweat, and tears: Priceless…

Listen to “Stampede” on SoundCloud.


#HipHop Moses West (@Supamoe) and Ill Clinton (@illClinton904) – “You’re Gonna Love Me” Ft. The IGive & Farrin Sherrelle


Ill Clinton and Moses West… I had no clue there was a video for one of my favorite go to songs. I’m late… BUT music and visuals are timeless.

Download Ill Clinton and Moses West’s full album “You’re Gonna Love Me” on


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