“Sooner or later,
You gone have to see about IT,
‘Cause… whatever it is baby,
Surely I got IT.” –
“I Got It” – YoMcDuff

If you don’t know he got IT by now, then… you hella late. Still, I invite you to come see about this emcee…


This marks the third week for #FreeVerseFridays from the Nile Music Group roster. However, in my humble opinion, EVERY DAY is #QUALITYMUSICDAY as far as NMG emcees VA Tha Gray and McDuff are concerned. I’ve heard nothing but quality verses and tracks coming from both artists over the last several months.

Listen to McDuff “pour his soul through this audio” on his latest track from Nile Music Group’s #FreeVerseFridays series entitled “Kinda Different” on SoundCloud… you will enjoy it. I got you.

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