About The Song

“Brandon Gix is back with new music for all the hip-hop heads out there with his new track ‘Dressed In Disguise (Third Eye)’ produced by UncleKnown also mixed by one of the best up and coming engineers out of LA that goes by ‘Cruise Mixed It’. Brandon showcases his lyrical jiggy style over an amazing production. Gix also gives us insight on very relatable situations we all go through from being a regular person to becoming successful.”

About The Artist

“Born in Los Angeles, Brandon Gixwas raised by his mother & grandparents and saw his dad from time to time. Growing up in LA for Gix was tough at times moving from Watts to the West Los Angeles area Brandon saw and experienced a lot thru out his twenty one years of life. “All my life I have been around the LA gang culture but music has helped me find my way out and gave me another way to express myself and feelings.” “Without music I really don’t know if I’d be alive or not, not to sound cliche. God has blessed me with the ability to express myself through music I thank him for that everyday,” Adds Gix. And he’s used his life experiences and determination to pursue becoming one of the greatest MC’s.”

This emcee is refreshing to the ears… Enjoy!

Listen to “Dressed In Disguised (Third Eye)” by Brandon Gix now on SoundCloud.

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