Korry Deez and Uno a.k.a. raw hip hop… Enjoy!

Listen and download #MKNMVS on bandcamp.

And now for the PR Team Power Point:

About Korry Deez…

“Toronto-based rap artist Korry Deez has been creating a musical utopia for years, illustrating the passion he has for creating gritty, yet soulful hip hop music from the heart. As 1/3 of Canadian supergroup IRS and cofounder of the megacity rap crew Monolith, Deez has made a significant impact on both international and national levels. Having been a regular in Kardinal Offishall’s live show for over 5 years, he has graced the stage with the likes of Sean Paul, The Bootcamp Clik, Declaime, Planet Asia, K-os, Swollen Members, Jully Black, O.C., Classified, Shaggy & J-Live to name a few.

Korry has gone back to his more musical roots in funk, soul, electronic, blues and jazz music. Now harnessing stronger artistic capabilities, he has fused his influences into one rich, solid soundscape, producing amore musical blend of hip hop. He is now set to return with his first solo album ‘Imago’, where he unravels from a cocoon-like state to show a growth and maturity few in music today could replicate. When Korry Deez returns with ‘Imago’, it will yet again put him in the conversation of who to be watching for in an ever-changing hip hop world.”

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