Listen up!

Today’s post has been taken over by the artist/producer duo known as ILLClinton, a PR Team that delivers, and good music. Ill shit comes in threes! Remember that. Now read on…

“Atlanta is home to some of the most pivotal artists in the music industry. Last year, the city’s newest artist/producer duo, ILLClinton, added themselves to that list as they submitted themselves into the underground rap game with their 2013 debut release, ILLANTA. Fans across the internet who have listened often refer to the project as a classic. A little more than a year later, the second installment has risen.

ILLANTA II is the continuation of a southern renaissance happening in today’s hip hop culture. The unique, yet dynamic creativity that ILLClinton presents with every record is a sound that is comparable to none. Brennan, the promising emcee of The ILL, delivers a plethora of lyrical cadences and an eloquent wordplay to exude a fearless, yet brilliant subject matter. Blake Belair’s production brings a one of a kind style to ILLANTA II, fusing golden aged boombap with contemporary trap drums, along with an ambient trippy-ness that compliments Brennan’s conscious, yet inebriated outlook. Plus the 808s are insane. Turn the speakers up.”


About the video… Shot in Brooklyn, NY, ILLClinton chose the location because of its deep hip hop roots and influence on the culture. Being from Atlanta, ILLClinton felt like they were doing something great for their city musically, and The ILL wanted the visual to be equally as cinematic. Enjoy!

Streeam, download and listen to ILLANTA II: