“Can’t be two fools in love.” – Naj

At first I though I was watching the musical version of Newlyweeds upon reviewing Naj’s “Brown Sugar” video. And if you seen the movie, then you KNOW.we all gotta kick more than rocks in order to improve certain aspects of our lives. Read on and enjoy!

About the video…
“Brown Sugar” is Naj’s first official visual release as a new Hip-Hop artist. He tells a nostalgic story almost close to no one can say they cannot relate to, over a very complimentary beat, reminiscent of J Dilla’s finest. Whatever your vice is, addiction in some form is something every one can relate to.”

About this artist…
“Naj is a 23 year old Hip-Hop artist from the Coney Island neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York. Approaching music from the perspective of an aspiring painter, portraying struggle, adversity and lifestyle, Naj captures you by evoking raw emotion.”

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