“HELLO” the new track from Oklahoma City’s WeRdoZe is the first single and video from the group’s fourth project iWeiRd scheduled to release April 1, 2014.

With it’s cool laid back melodic groove this track is a certified head knodder. The duo goes back forth on how when they kick it to members of the opposite sex, that they have her at hello. With an intoxicating hook listeners will be reciting after the first listen.”

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“The WeRdoZe (pronounced “weirdos”) will have an everlasting effect on those here and those yet to come. Peace, love, and weird describe the duo from Oklahoma who are making “weird” the new “cool”. They are so cool; in fact they are KEWL (Killing evil while Living). The WeRdoZe consist of Spreez from the WeRdoZe and B-Meadz from the WeRdoZe. They met at an engineering program and decided to create music that lasts instead of theories that are promising at most. The young duo have 3 projects available, WeiRd, WeiRdeR and The Power EP ep, and they are currently working on their fourth and latest installment to the “WeiRd” movement, “iWeiRd (2014)”.

These 2 dope boys have performed in Atlanta, OKC, St. Louis, and Fort Worth (God willing they will see more). With comparisons to Outkast, Pharcyde, and Poor Righteous Teachers, the WeRdoZe plan on doing great things in the ’14. They represent one of the hottest movements in Oklahoma, Fly By Any Means. Building a Dynasty with Sitobckwrdz aka Yung O (Y.O.) will most definitely catch the eyes of anyone who recognizes and acknowledges that hard work and determination always pay off. They have made it clear that they want to keep it weiRd and keep God first forever. It is time to get #WeiRd.

Be sure to be on the lookout for these weird dudes and their hit single, “Hello”. In the meantime, go ahead and go over to Youtube and search “WeRdoZe”. What R you doing still reading this? Go ahead and go to WSHH ( and watch some of their videos. 2014 is the year of WeiRd and they will not be denied, the ladies love them weirdos. When the 2 were asked, “Why WeiRd?”, they simply responded. “Why not.” ( And they left the room.)”