His talk is not cheap.


About the artist..

“Granddad Woolly is a 26 year old Northwest, Indiana emcee currently in Atlanta, GA, USA building his buzz. His sound contains elements of Old School, Golden Era, Boom Bap and Sci-Fi Hip Hop. The fact that his career is based off a long running novel like storyline as well as his unique songwriting, lyricism and delivery makes him someone to keep an eye on. He is an artist who although remains true to his style and craft, never boxes himself and comes off predictable. His new project “The Vanilla Tape” serves as a self reflection through music dealing with all of the obstacles and achievements that have been thrown his way up to now. The production is done solely by UK producer Vanilla and is to date the most musically and soul inspired Granddad Woolly project to date. This is also the first free project Woolly has offered in more than 5 years making it a gem that anyone can get their hands on.”

Listen and download “The Vanilla Tape” now on bandcamp