Chemistry is everything. Having said, that I think you WILL enjoy this duo.

About the song…
“Chox-Mak and his protege Henny Tha Brain are starting to gain familiarity and are ready to take the game by storm. Chox-Mak started getting everything together by working with DJ YRS Jerzy who also took the role of managing Chox-Mak’s career as well. Chox and Henny are here today with their latest installment titled “In Yo Face” which is a hard hitting track that has no hook and features nothing but hard lyrics. The wordplay that is displayed by both Henny and Chox will take you back to the 90’s era of hip hop. Their styles take you back to when hip hop was really about having lyrics and making music with substance. Dr.G the master beat smith behind the production went all out for Chox and Henny to paint the lyrical picture. “In Yo Face” will be a great track for everyone to enjoy. These two both have the drive and dedication it takes to become something major in this music industry. Definitely look out for a Chox-Mak and Henny Tha Brain collaboration project in the near future.”