My situation right now – entertaining my ears and giving life to my relaxed mood with an assist from UK producer Cypria. “Sitting Here” is the first release from Cypria’s instrumental project “Broken Dream Boulevard” EP. Listen to “Sitting Here” now SoundCloud. Enjoy!

About the EP:

“Broken Dream Boulevard is the brand new EP from UK based producer Cypria.

On the ten track EP, the up and coming beat-maker delves into a slightly darker sound, whilst at the same time maintaining his signature soulful style.

Broken Dream Boulevard is the first preview of the result of over a year of hard work that has served the purpose of redefining and improving Cypria’s signature sound, and is a sign that the budding producer is ready to establish himself as one of the leading lights in the UK’s already buzzing hip-hop scene.”

Stream Broken Dream Boulevard now on bandcamp and enjoy the other stand out tracks such as “Need 4 Me” and “LA Nights”.

Cypria online: