“To me running game means to engage yourself in something or someone to get to the next possible scenario whether good or bad. Everybody does (run game) whether they know it or not.”

Yep, I slowed it down a bit today, took a different spin, learned some intel today about the true nature of our (men and women) by any means necessary psyche (see quote above). With that said, here’s a new track from Bay Area producer, songwriter, and singer Roll-X entitled “Could You Believe Me?” On this sexy slow jam Roll-X wants to you to “experience the art of running game without using words.” But can you believe him? Could you believe her? (Some interesting offline dialogue inspired this post – thanks Roll-X!) Just “trust” and enjoy this track!

Listen to “Could You Believe Me?” now on SoundCloud.

About the artist…

“ROLL-X is an artist from the Bay Area who started as a producer\writer. He has done music for many BAY AREA artist and decided to put out a project for himself. He has been singing playing piano and writing since his young teens, listening to and inspired by such artist as Stevie Wonder, Howard Hewitt, GAP Band,Teddy Reiley, GUY, Timbaland, Jodeci and all the old and new skool music that changed the music industry. He soon developed his own sound and now wants to share it with the WORLD…..” Roll-X will release his next untitled project in early 2015.

Roll-X on Reverbnation