About The Artist:
“SateLight, is an American artist, from Louisville, Ky. Blending elements of Trip-hop and soul samples into a distinctive whole. Shaping his real world experiences, through subconscious fantasies then distorting them with focused chaos.”

About The Track:
“What Dreams Are Made Of” is the first single from SateLight’s upcoming mixtape “Harsh Reality.
Its a mash up of Trip-Hop, synth with some soul additives. The single highlights how we view ourselves through the eyes of society. The wants and needs, lust and desires as well as lies and betrayal. The track was produced by SateLight.”

Before the music drops…

Not Quite An Interview but a Q and A with SateLight:

TGSoHH: Who are some of your musical influences?

SateLight: Some of my influences are: Portishead, Massive Attack, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and J. Cole

TGSofHH: How did you come up with the name SateLight?

SateLight: Lol, SateLight started as Satellite but evolved over time. If you break the two words up Sate which means to satisfy or supply (someone) with as much as or more of something than is desired or can be managed. Light we all know means something that illuminates. So i want my music to be a satisfying light for all my listeners and fans. I want them to digest as much as they possibly can and still want more.

TGSoHH: Describe the moment that you knew music would become a passion that you would pursue?

SateLight: I have always loved music and the feeling that it gives and can give. I was more of a sports fanatic and had dreams of being an athlete but we know that’s a long shot for most ppl. Music gave me a way to vent. To let out my frustrations of life, the world and just anything in general. I was only doing songs for friends as a hobby never really thought about pursuing anything past that. The more ppl listened the more ppl kept saying you should put this out let the world hear it, so here I am.

TGSoHH: Lastly… In this fast food digital age what advice would you give to new artists that are pursuing their music dreams?

SateLight: Advice, hmmmm I would say stick to who you are. Don’t follow the mainstream trend. If it’s in your heart and it’s what you hear in your mind, stay true to it. I know the glory of being famous is very alluring were only human, so I know the feeling. But at the end of the day people, fans your listeners will always be able to tell what’s real and what’s forced. If you put your heart into it they will give you theirs in return.

Again, thank you for this opportunity, and you will be hearing from me again with more music and music videos. Look out for my upcoming mixtape Harsh Reality….. S/O to The Greener Side for the support.

TGSoHH: The support is a two way street! You’ll always have a supportive hip home at The Greener Side of Hip Hop.

On “What Dreams Are Made Of” SateLight delivers a very enjoyable lyrical vibe over a synthesized track as he questions “how we view ourselves through the eyes of society (“I’m just trying to carve my path in these Nike boots/I only feel comfortable in my new coupe”) Part of the chorus brings the theme of the track on home… “Off into the subconscious/I only feel alive when I’m unconscious”…Yes, SateLight definitely leaves your mind with something to build on.

Listen to “What Dreams Are Made Of” now on SoundCloud
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