“Mike Melinoe (Henry Ol’ $kool) of the Organic Geniuses collective drops his anticipated 16 track album entitled “PropeR Element$”. Catchy hooks and choruses and “Hot Ni##a” anything is not what you’ll find on this project. With gritty tracks like “Poverty Shit”, and “Ruffin’ Tha Coke” this project dares you to walk past the lyrical aesthetics and to come see about Mike Melino. In this short Q and A the artist opens up about his newly “evolved content” on this latest project…

Can you tell us a about the title of your latest project “PropeR Element$”, how does it relate to the theme of the overall project?

“PropeR Element$” is entilted this for several reasons, the main reason that I wanted to project to others is that in music we are held accountable for our art, our imagination, our creative voice in this era of time there shall be a time of deliverance displayed through artistry which I described as elements that are proper creative wise. P, R, E ,$ stands for power, revolution, evolution and slavery of the dollar. We can all in many ways relate to these individual subjects retreiving many outlets of likable or unlikable matters. I seek knowledge which is power, revolution is a time of points to be accurate to my standards of life, evolution is the room and growth which I displayed a slight sonic wave during this project but more evolving in general and Slavery is the mentality we all crave in today’s society specifically the dollar its self.”

What can listeners expect from “PropeR Element$” compared to your other previously released projects?

“I would say that this project is from a broad point of view. I feel these proper elements lie within the realm of mine causing most to see life vividly and create commandments to structure your path to whatever you desire it to be. My previously albums were great but didn’t feel more personal and intriguing as this newest art. I’ve found more attributes in my ability, knowing that music is the true voice to the listeners I tell several stories which may not be understood that day but tomorrow.”

In your opinion, what would you say is the stand out track on “PropeR Element$”?

“My favorite record would have to be the intro just evaluating the conceptual content, production, chorus, statement and beginning of a journey being spoken through all speakers. “Ruffin Tha Coke” is a battle between knowing and not knowing. You are great but you have much to prove daily, it’s something we all know but can’t face when of standards.”

And lastly who are some of your strongest musical influences?

“My strongest would be myself as of today but my mother, Big L, Michael Jackson, David Ruffin and the struggle in Detroit.”

You can stream (and absorb) Mike Melinoe’s “PropeR Element$” now on SoundCloud.

Mike Melinoe’s next show will be in Detroit on 9/12/14 at the Foxtail Fest.

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