Texas lyricist Joe Sauseda is back again with a new track entitled “Radio”.

About the track…

“Many musicians dream of having their music on the radio for people to enjoy. This is true for Sauseda, however it’s not just enjoyable music that he’s concerned with. The message with “Radio” is to find something worth listening to, with truth that brings positivity to the listeners ears.”

Listen to “Radio” now on SoundCloud.

Artist Bio…

“Born and bred in Texas, Hip-Hop lyricist Joe “Angel” Sauseda has always had a connection for music since his adolescent years. His passion for the art dates back to 1994, growing up in the gospel and tejano culture, but two years later when he discovered Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony, Warren G and UGK that he knew hip-hop music was his destiny.

Every artist dreams of making it big, but for Joe the music comes first. It’s all about not letting yourself get tethered to one genre of music. “Open up your ears” he said “Because greatness happens when style and inspiration collide.” He discovered this by a trial and error process in his formative years as an artist. He tried many avenues, one being moving to Los Angeles without the proper mindset, which ended up being a gratifying learning experience that helped shape him into the artist he is today.

His lyrics are his obsession, they come from his personal relationships with money, family, friends. His debut EP “So It Begins!” discusses these trials and tribulations that so many face and turns them into verses that are meant to encourage and motivate his listeners into being their best self. “It became an obsession and I started writing about anything that was moving and motivating, whether it was something that I went through, or something I witnessed,” he said.

Joe has many projects in the works, but it is his collaboration with legendary music producer S1 “Symbolyc One” (Kanye West “Power,” Beyonce “Best I Never Had”) that will prove to be his breakthrough.”