“I am a recovering undercover over-lover.” Erykah Badu

Yeah, you’ve been there. Me too. Reeled in by some Erykah Badu realism. On his latest single entitled “U (Q)” Mickey Factz and producer Blue The Misfit delivers a stellar track with a strong sample from Ms. Badu’s “Out of My Mind, Just In Time.”

About the track…

“I created this record out of love.” -Mickey Factz

“The first single off of “Love.Lust.Lost.II” entitled “U (Q)” artistically covers, with the blessings from the ever magnificent Erykah Badu, a man’s devotion for the person
he is engaged with. Thanks to art by Jeremy Biggers and mixing by John Stewart, Mickey cleverly maneuvers in and out of the song with ease off of the insane production from Blue The Misfit.

Expect more from Mickey as he is set to embark on his tour as well as unveil his newest project entitled “Love.Lust.Lost.II”

Stream and enjoy “U (Q)” now on SoundCloud.