“I paint your beauty on a song and I’m starting with brown the color that surrounds your smile…”

Make no mistake those lyrics are LOVE, the makings of appreciation from a man to his woman. On his new track “Colorful” Varyus Waise pens an ode to his brown sistas over a mellow track that is meant to steal our hears and abolish any attempts at anihilating our souls. Read more about this song from Varyus Waise…

“There’s been a great deal of anger, dehumanization and violence aimed towards Black women in recent times. Between the arrest of Daniele Watts for alleged prostitution for kissing her boyfriend in public, the assault of Janay Rice, the scathing article in the New York Times about Shonda Rimes and more, there has not been a lot of love for Black women in the media.

And there also hasn’t been a great amount of love for them in hip-hop recently, unfortunately.

“Colorful” is a song I wrote inspired by a great Black woman to know that there are men out there who will love you and honor you for the queens you are.

You are beautiful. You are valued. You are love.

Wear your crowns proud, sisters…

Peace and Love… V. #SaturdayMorningMusic”

Listen to “Colorful” here.

About Varyus Waise

“Varyus Waise is a hip-hop artist, educator, writer and radio show producer from Brooklyn, NY. Inspired by the stories of those he works with in the inner city, he writes not only to entertain and educate but to aspire for more.”