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#2015: Tweets Not Included…


It has been a hard decision and a long time coming. However, stopping to REFRESH is important! Thank you to all the artists and readers who continue to support The Greener Side of Hip Hop… It is appreciated. Remember “The Tweets Don’t Stop.” See ya’ in 2015…

“Down Time” – @VAThaGray ft. @YoMcDuff (prod by Ish D)


I’m late posting this new track from Nile Music Group’s VA Tha Gray and his label mate McDuff. However, these Dallas emcees seem to always take their time to craft up something special – you won’t ever find them throwing caution to the wind with their rhymes. And my ears appreciate it. Read more about the track below and Enjoy!

“Nothing feels better after a long day than to finally kick up your feet and get some down time. No stranger to the constant grind, V.A. Tha Gray tag teams with label mate, McDuff, to give listeners something they can relate to day in and day out.”

Listen to “Down Time” now on SoundCloud.


“Harsh Reality” EP – by SateLightKool | @SateLightKool


“I’ll protect your heart with a lie,
‘Cause… The truth hurts.”
– SatelLightKool, “Lies”

Yep, Louisville, KY native SateLightKool is back with his new EP entitled what else? “Harsh Reality”. On this EP SateLightKool excels by consistently sticking with the theme of this project on each track without being crass or agressively shoving you against the walls of our “harsh reality” with his delivery. SateLightKool will have you shaking your head in agreement and saying “Yeah, you right, you right dawg” at all his life “truths”. Here’s more about the project from SateLightKool…

“Harsh Reality is a Trip-Hop/808/sample infused short story. I tried to capture thoughts from a societal male perspective. Ranging from infidelity to the state of our union. Its what you may be thinking but don’t want to say or a conversation you may have with friends on a drunk night. Its irrational/rational thoughts colliding. Sometimes it’s just a focused rant.”

Stream and download and enjoy “Harsh Reality” here.



“Caught in the Night” by @TSFJacob (feat. Sah, Jelani Sei, Justin H, & Kennon W) Prod. Sah x Frothy

This artist is just too refreshing…

“Caught In The Night” is Jacob SS’ latest jazz infused single that combines the often put together worlds of Jazz and Hip-Hop. Enjoy!”

Listen to Jacob SS’s growing catalogue on SoundCloud.


#10.24.2014 “SANGVIS REGVM: Blood of Kings” EP – MIZ and Ang P | @RealLifeMizc2c x @AngTheFuture

“This hip hop is sacred to us. Many good people gave their lives to be standing where we are right now, but only a few were meant to carry on the tradition with the blood of royalty in their veins. SANGVIS REGVM: Blood of Kings.”
     – MIZ, The Real Life Click


This is not fast food music, but all sweat, all blood, all bars and all hip hop. With production by Know Life, and features by Lega’c Jones (“Been Too Long”) as well as Jamla recording artist Add-2, and DJ Absurd (“Keep It Live”) Ang P and MIZ bring it back with the boom bap on their 90’s hip hop inspired EP “SANGVIS REGVM: Blood of Kings”.

Pre-order your copy today on iTunes .

Sneak peek…

In celebration of the new project, The RLC has released a video trailer detailing the last recording session for the project, as well as providing some personal insight on what to expect on their latest effort.

Listen to MIZ and Ang P discuss “SANGVIS REGVM: King of Bloods” below…


“Originator” by Joe Sauseda | @Sausedamusic


About the track…
Originator speaks of struggle being used for something positive, inspired by, “Motivators” (A Tribe Called Quest). Sauseda wants to strike a fuse in everyone with his situation. “It doesn’t matter who you are, I’m just moving your soul out of your home to somewhere far”.

Listen to Joe Sauseda’s “Originator” now on SoundCloud.



The Polymath: “Crescendo” – by Mike Larry Draw | @MikeLarryDraw


“You took it standing up,
Now you leaning down.”

You betta know the math…

And since I don’t know the math of “The Polymath”, I’ll let Mike Larry Draw’s bio do the explaining.

“Mike Larry Draw also known as the “Polymath,” is a multi-talented artist with a groundbreaking style that both captivates and inspires an audience. Lyrical content, beat production, videography, graphic design and comedy sketches are tools Draw utilizes to show you his lifestyle. He’s well respected in the video production world as a director. Many say he possesses a keen eye for authentic shots and visual storytelling. As a youth growing up in the Bronx he began creating art at the age of five. Now as a man in his twenties he’s created a style that is peaking the listeners curiosity on this unsigned giant.

“The Polymath” uses both hip hop and heavy metal vocals with a twist. On the production side both clashing aggressive sounds and eargasmic drum patterns rule sonically. Off the stage MLD is a vibrant and cheerful person with a lure you think only the moon and earth have in common, but once he is one stage the transformation is obvious and the person once seen before the microphone is touched no more. Mike Larry Draw has achieved a rare state in his artistry… a genre that is distinctive to him alone.”

Ready to listen to some epicness? Listen to “Crescendo” now on SoundCloud. Repeat and enjoy!




#90sFlow: “Fresh” – by @Chox_Mak910 @IAMDJYRSJERZY prod. by @DJ_Profluent


The bar is set.
Their brand is… THEIR brand.

From Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy’s PR Department…

“Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy are proof that when you work hard great things will happen. They set the bar high for independent artists everywhere with every single they release. What they do is not easy especially with out a major label backing. The way they release music and market their brands you would think they had a major company behind them. Teaming up with different producers they have yet again connected with producer Profluent for an old school hip hop feeling release titled “Fresh”. Everything about this single is about their brand “90s FLow” it includes scratching in the hook, raw vocals and more. “Fresh” will definitely take you back to the 1990’s when real hip hop took place.”

Stream and download:



This is one of those need to include on my blog posts because I just viewed the video for the first time… Enjoy!


Record That Fa’ Me: “In The Trunk” – Too Short | @TooShort


“You rap so fast,
You keep leavin’ the beat.”

There are so many memorable verses from one of my favorite tracks from Too Short’s 1992 CD “Shorty The Pimp”. But my favorite MOMENT is when I was sitting in my mom’s living room ( 81st Ave, Oakland, CA) I was home from college and my late grandmother was visiting. STP was blaring from the speakers amongst all the family banter and that was going on. Next thing I know my late grandma says “record that fa’ me” (CD to cassette tape for the youngins). Side eyes wasn’t even the word to describe my reaction as I thought Too Short was for my ears only. However, she was a Sagittarian. I’m a FS too. But there was just something weird about KNOWING that my Arkansas born/Oakland raised grandmother understood and enjoyed SOME of Too Short’s music and lyrics. As I got older I understood alright – admiration vs. sexualization vs. sexual admiration are three distinct things. *insert an LOL* And I didn’t get that from Too Short. *insert another LOL* Yep, this was a tale, a freaky tale… Enjoy!

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