“You rap so fast,
You keep leavin’ the beat.”

There are so many memorable verses from one of my favorite tracks from Too Short’s 1992 CD “Shorty The Pimp”. But my favorite MOMENT is when I was sitting in my mom’s living room ( 81st Ave, Oakland, CA) I was home from college and my late grandmother was visiting. STP was blaring from the speakers amongst all the family banter and that was going on. Next thing I know my late grandma says “record that fa’ me” (CD to cassette tape for the youngins). Side eyes wasn’t even the word to describe my reaction as I thought Too Short was for my ears only. However, she was a Sagittarian. I’m a FS too. But there was just something weird about KNOWING that my Arkansas born/Oakland raised grandmother understood and enjoyed SOME of Too Short’s music and lyrics. As I got older I understood alright – admiration vs. sexualization vs. sexual admiration are three distinct things. *insert an LOL* And I didn’t get that from Too Short. *insert another LOL* Yep, this was a tale, a freaky tale… Enjoy!