“I’ll protect your heart with a lie,
‘Cause… The truth hurts.”
– SatelLightKool, “Lies”

Yep, Louisville, KY native SateLightKool is back with his new EP entitled what else? “Harsh Reality”. On this EP SateLightKool excels by consistently sticking with the theme of this project on each track without being crass or agressively shoving you against the walls of our “harsh reality” with his delivery. SateLightKool will have you shaking your head in agreement and saying “Yeah, you right, you right dawg” at all his life “truths”. Here’s more about the project from SateLightKool…

“Harsh Reality is a Trip-Hop/808/sample infused short story. I tried to capture thoughts from a societal male perspective. Ranging from infidelity to the state of our union. Its what you may be thinking but don’t want to say or a conversation you may have with friends on a drunk night. Its irrational/rational thoughts colliding. Sometimes it’s just a focused rant.”

Stream and download and enjoy “Harsh Reality” here.