I think I just watched (well, really watched and absorbed four times) Digable Planets meets Ice Cube which is not a bad thing. Now, my inability to pronounce this duo’s (Amani and Malkia Shujazz) name – MXSFLXWETICZ makes me feel bad. MXSFLXWETICZ y’all gotta give me at least one leg to stand on here but, it’s all love. It took a minute to warm up to their track “3Dee (3rd Dimensixnal)” – as my conditioned music listening ears will freeze up on me sometimes. However, I am really feeling the slick neo soul meets the streets vibe on “3Dee”. With production by the late J Dilla, MXSFLXWETICZ gives listeners a really, cool…laid back…nostalgic experience. Enjoy!

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Download their project “U.G.S.I. (UNDERGRXUND SXULS CHAPTER 1) now on bandcamp.

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This is the first chapter and introduction into the artistry of MXSFLXWETICZ, a duo Hip Hop and Neo Soul group consisting of Amani and Malkia Shujaaz. Together they use their intellect along with a variety of unique sounds and rhymes, to create an audio art gallery with no songs worth skipping. With ‘Undergrxund Sxuls Chapter II’ released June 27th 2014, you would never want to miss the first chapter of any good book.

Production credit to J Dilla, Karriem Riggins, CcreapMurda Prods., Skipless , Missy Elliott , GMF Music , Da Grassroots and Raphael Saadiq”