I’m not to familiar with this group but I appreciate their in your face grittiness on their track “Antisocial”. Here’s more about the hip hop duo The Low Rise…

“Veteran underground emcee Penzo Gritty and Verbal from the NL5 (Northern Lights) hip-hop collective have combined forces to form The Low Rise. “Antisocial” is the first single from their debut album titled “Building…” The track is produced by DJ Dialect with cuts by DJ Manzo.”

Artist Bio:
“Montreal based The Low Rise, consisting of two of the city’s seasoned heavyweight emcees prepares to launch their debut album together titled “Building…“ Verbal, well known as a member of the Hip-Hop collective NL5 (Northern Lights), collaborates with one of Montreal’s underground front men Penzo Gritty. In collaboration with many of the city’s finest producers, they are bringing to life a heavy-hitting, honest and personal project in their debut LP slated for release in late 2014. Stay tuned for The Low Rise.”