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“I Dare You” – Granddad Woolly x Pawz One | @Granddad Woolly x @Pawz1

“Never cross the path of the one
who is truly gifted…”
– Granddad Woolly, “I Dare You”

And within these lyrical bars, you’ll find out why you shouldn’t. Come on. I dare you…

“Granddad Woolly, the 26 year old Northwest Indiana/Atlanta emcee is back again with the last track of his free single series and it’s quite a way to end it. The new track “I Dare You” featuring well known LA underground emcee Pawz One shows The Granddad flexing some of his best lyrical muscle to date while driving home the point that no matter what the opposition brings he’s ready and dare’s them to try and stop him. Produced by the talented and also well know producer EQ, this is a dope high energy lyrical hip hop track that will have anyone who appreciates bars smiling from ear to ear.”


“On the Ground” – Heiruspecs ft. Chasity Brown | @Heiruspecs


“Better late than never…
They say we talkin’ to loud.”

I just love the poetical intro to this song by singer Chasity Brown as she puts her vocal stamp on Heiruspecs track “On The Ground”. Singers/artists, songwriters, and musicians don’t get enough credit for reeling a listener in within the first 1-10 seconds of song (a la Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You). But anyway back to this track from Heiruspecs… This band is new to me but their website refers to Heiruspecs as “the 17 year-old live hip-hop institution from St. Paul (Minnesota)” – so TGSoHH is pleased to have something fresh AND an established band that IS a pretty big deal to grace its pages. With that said here is a “little” blurb about this hip hop institution that band member Sean McPherson sent me… Read and Enjoy!

“Heiruspecs is excited to release their first video from their 2014 album, Night Falls. The video for ‘On the Ground’ was produced by 1 Light Films (Atmosphere, Doomtree, Dessa) and directed by Victor Rukavina and Andrew Melby. The video tells the story of the tricky balance between just surviving and striving in America. The dancer, Eshay Brantley (as choreographed by Alissa Paris), and the song itself encourage the listener to find a balance as we move forward while acknowledging what a difficult crossroads we face. The song makes the political personal as it depicts the difference in communities in Minnesota in summer (verse 1) and winter (verse 2). The hook was sung by the incomparable Chastity Brown. Even as she sings “with all those bridges burning down, I wouldn’t stand so near” the song as a whole points to a better moment when there will be more positives to celebrate in our community.”

Photo credit:

Purchase Heiruspecs “Night Falls” album now on bandcomp.


“No Mercy ” (Official Video) – Harn SOLO | @HarnSOLO


“Harn SOLO continues to push his new mixtape “Traveling Man” with the colorful video release “No Mercy” shot by @ScottHarnPhoto. The artist brings @djyamin’s instrumental to life rapping with a unique flow at various street art locations in Denver, Colorado.”

I’ve always admired Harn SOLO’S trademark colorful videos and colorful lyricism and “No Mercy” doesn’t fall short of his unique gold standard of delivering the artistic goods… Enjoy!


“Breaking The Bad” (Official Video) – KLOKWIZE | @KLOKWIZE ft. Angela Luna


KLOKWIZE hasn’t be featured on TGSoHH in a minute (and we welcome you back with open arms). KLOKWIZE has returned with a new video, that was released a few weeks ago, for a track from his album “The Art of Falling Apart”. This IS James Bond meets indie hip hop. Read more about the video and enjoy!

“Acclaimed indie hip hop act KLOKWIZE (of ESPN ‘First Take’ notoriety) has just released his new short film/music video ‘Breaking The Bad’, full of espionage, great storytelling and action sequences.”



FLCP: “Family. Love. Country. Passion.” The EP by The Holstar | @TheHolstarMusic

“Holstar Presents ‘Family. Love. Country. Passion. The EP’ – his second EP of 2014 preceded by ‘God. Life. City. Time.” released in March. Holstar delves deep on this EP highlighting personal relationships, pride and honor.”

On “Family. Love. Country. Passion.” The EP, The Holstar delivers four bite sized tracks that a listener can enjoy on repeat. The stand out track for me is “I Cared”, (which represents the EP’s Love theme) questions matters of the heart, BUT will have you rhyming and getting your Luther Vandross on. Stream the EP below and enjoy – got you!

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“Blunt Reality” IS The Reality: V.A. Tha Gray | @VAThaGray


“Yeah, my heart’s still broke
So I roll this pain and
I smoke ’til my lungs choke…”

V.A. Tha Gray,
“Other Side Of The Rap Game”

With “Knowledge Is Power” and “Lyrical Cleansing” (ft. Shawn Chrystopher) as his wonderfully crafted lead singles, Nile Music Group’s V.A. Tha Gray recently released his 13-track Mixtape “Blunt Reality”. I’ve listened to all 13 tracks and I have to tell you that I have a much deeper appreciation for V.A. Tha Gray’s music and his message. I was already diggin’ the “Knowledge Is Power” single but listening to “Other Side Of The Rap Game” was the game changer for me and sums up why a “Blunt Reality” IS the reality and not some bubble that we are standing outside of thinking we’ll NEVER be in… V.A. Tha Gray lyrically and creatively negates that thinking and does it well on “Blunt Reality”. Well, that is my stamp of aporoval – V.A. Tha Gray your artistic growth is impressive! Now for some “PR takeover” compliments of Hope Dealers… Y’all enjoy!

“From the outside looking in, we never really know what others are going through. While some maybe completely content, others are fighting battles bigger than we can imagine. Regardless of the situation, everyone has had to deal with their own Blunt Reality at some point and V.A. Tha Gray is here to give you a glimpse of his.

Touching on racial inequality, the rap game and what he’s witnessed in the Nawf Dallas streets, his new project serves as a re-introduction to the masses as he bares it all for the love of hip hop.”

Stream and purchase VA The Gray’s “Blunt Reality” now on bandcamp.


“The Button” [Official Video]” by Latrell James | @IAmLatrellJames


Boston emcee Latrell James is back with a new visual for his latest track “The Button” from his upcoming project “Twelve” which will be available in 2015.

About the track…
“The track is a reflective record as Latrell paints a picture of the environment he grew up in and the accompanying music video (directed by Jose Rodriguez) sets the scene for the narrative that takes place.”

Get your mirrors out – lets take a minute to look within – and enjoy!


“Cave to Canvas” – Naj | @NajisDOPE


It was already written… So I’ll let Naj’s PR Team “handle it” – no Scandal just a dope emcee giving us that DOPE (Dreamers Of Progressive Excellence). See Naj, I had to listen to the track a few times but, I know now that “Dope Dealer” IS a love song. Y’all enjoy!

“Naj is a 24 year old rap artist from the Coney Island section of Brooklyn. Combining flows of modern times with production that’s reminiscent of the ‘Golden Era’ of Hip-Hop, he also fuses lyrics of substance and conflict with the obvious self confidence we’ve all come to expect from a New York rap artist. With his imprint, Dreamers Of Progressive Excellence, (DOPE), Naj has plans that far exceed music and it’s obvious his mission is big with the music he releases.

Cave To Canvas is Naj’s debut to the world, his first body of work. With 12 tracks, including two interludes, he shows every aspect of his personality. Naj shows you the young up and coming Brooklyn artist. The album is comprised of stories of love and love lost, socio-political stances, reflections of past sins, and optimistic dreaming for all future endeavors.”

Download and stream “Cave to Canvas” now on audiomack.


“Run Felecia” – [Prod. by @DtSpacely] by Raspy Rapz x Gina Mae | @RaspyRapz


“Felicia is the humanity as a whole, more specifically the name Felicia represents anyone who has experienced abuse or violence. Be it, verbal, physical, sexual, emotional, or psychological.”
– Raspy Rapz

There is something hauntingly NOT preachy but insanely hypnotic about Raspy Rapz’s title track (“Run Felecia”) from her latest creative release “Run Felecia: The Abuse Project”. I don’t know if its Raspy channeling Missy Elliott’s signature “Ha ha ha ha” in the beginning, the way she finesses her lyrical storytelling, or the slow southern bounce style and above par production on the track. There are just so many damn good elements that reel you in to this track yet, at the same time Rapsy Rapz keeps listeners focused on why they SHOULD care about “Felecia”. Listen, focus, and enjoy!


More about the project…

“Run Felecia: The Abuse Project” is also available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and more!
This project includes Hip-Hop, Soul, Indie Electronic and Southern Rap with production from @Staxxnbenjy, @LegendofBeatz and @DtSpacely (producer for Rich Homie Quan, Wiz Khalifa and more). Engineered by Raspy Rapz, Gfat (@360musicstudio) and @GlenJrmusic and artwork by @SkiizoGotti (CMKrazy).”


#MikeMartinMondays “Tim Smooth” – by Mike Martin | @mikemartin_6638


“My shit talkin’ improved.”
– Mike Martin, “Tim Smooth”

I’m late posting this video but shit it’s still Monday EVERYWHERE in Oakland, CA With that said, welcome to #MikeMartinMondays.Read on…

“Oakland’s own Mike Martin is back with another visual for #MikeMartinMondays “Tim Smooth”. Teaming up with New Orleans based producer K Banks, Mike Martin shows just how deep he can get with the music. This track is a mellow and laid back single and shows off Mikes’s lyrical ability.”

Now enjoy the video and learn some Shit Talking 101. And when you find out who Tim Smooth is please let me know so I can pass the class too dammitt.