“I walk all day trying to get away from God.”

“The Road is difficult. A lonely path set up with all types of obstacles to make you fail. Bad experiences can in rare occasions create great people. It’s ALL Academics!”

“The Road” which is featured on Hosannah’s latest project, (It’s All Academics) is a collaboration from Hosannah from Uppanotch and a wonderful sounding band called the The Clyde’s. The vocals by The Clydes (who are not featured in the video) are heartfelt and awakens the compassion in your heart . Now for the video, you may have to watch a few times in order to catch up to the message within the song. I’m thinking that we’ll see a new video (a part two) soon. They keep us guessing – but, we want more – great music of course! Enjoy!

Purchase and download “It’s All Academics” here.