If you are going on a long drive right now, then you NEED this song…

“Ironic, there’s a party next door, but she’s crying listening to Drake on the weekend”

Hello, my name is Moteleola, a 21 year old Hip Hop producer from South London and this is my new record “Listening To Drake” (feat. Taunts), in build up to my upcoming release “OASIS BLACK” due this winter.

Moteleola’s “Listening To Drake” featuring younger brother Taunts, showcases amazingly witty song writing illustrating the notion of how time flies, making relationships falter, bonds weaken and dreams waver in the face of reality. Pushed by thick, bolstering boom-bap drums,stirring shakers and jazz sample slices dancing atop original brass instrumentation.”

Listen to “Listening to Drake” now on SoundCloud. “Listening to Drake” will be featured on Moteleola’s upcoming project “OASIS BLACK”.