“If you are an artist that is really disturbed by what is going on… put that emotion into your art…” – Praverb | @PtheWyse

Cool FD, Macabeats, Dwayne Morgan, ILL Clinton, Derrick J Canon, Negros Americanos, and ReqCartier are all artists who’s creative efforts give life to the current injustices that are going on in America today and have been featured on The Greener Side of Hip Hop. They deserve a THANK YOU. If I forgot an artist THANK YOU. THANK YOU to the artists who do this even when injustice is NOT mainstream media’s top story. Bondfire Radio (TK in the AM and Cognac Time) have also been doing their thing as well with their special show focusing on Ferguson and interviewing folks who have been on the front lines in Ferguson and NY. We all in this together…. And with that said, here is another creative effort by Wu Tang Clan that carries the same narrative – their visuals for “A Better Tomorrow”.