“To accompany the release of his latest single “Asking”, Billy Ivan has created a music video, which he shot, edited and narrated himself, detailing his story of conquest over the challenges he faced growing up. Understanding more about himself both as a creative artist and determined young man.”

“Asking” is off of Billy Ivan’s upcoming mixtape entitled “The Compilation Tape” that will be released in 2015.

I’m looking forward to hearing “The Compilation”! Billy Ivan delivers a dope track AND the cinematography in this video is equally appealing. Enjoy!

Artist Bio:
“Billy Ivan, who is a self taught Artist/Producer, draws inspiration from such popular songwriting geniuses as Pharrell, Kanye West & Jay-Z while still desiring a signature sound of his own. His first outing as a songwriter/performer echoes the vibrance and nuance of his musical heroes’ work.

Since emerging onto the music scene the Rapper/Producer has been building notoriety with his soulful smooth melodies and experimental percussion tone structure.

Billy has been producing for several upcoming acts and preparing for a lineup of live performances. Arriving towards to the completion of his upcoming project “The Compilation Tape” coming this new year 2015, Billy Ivan is ready to create a name for himself & take the industry by storm.”