“Yeah, my heart’s still broke
So I roll this pain and
I smoke ’til my lungs choke…”

V.A. Tha Gray,
“Other Side Of The Rap Game”

With “Knowledge Is Power” and “Lyrical Cleansing” (ft. Shawn Chrystopher) as his wonderfully crafted lead singles, Nile Music Group’s V.A. Tha Gray recently released his 13-track Mixtape “Blunt Reality”. I’ve listened to all 13 tracks and I have to tell you that I have a much deeper appreciation for V.A. Tha Gray’s music and his message. I was already diggin’ the “Knowledge Is Power” single but listening to “Other Side Of The Rap Game” was the game changer for me and sums up why a “Blunt Reality” IS the reality and not some bubble that we are standing outside of thinking we’ll NEVER be in… V.A. Tha Gray lyrically and creatively negates that thinking and does it well on “Blunt Reality”. Well, that is my stamp of aporoval – V.A. Tha Gray your artistic growth is impressive! Now for some “PR takeover” compliments of Hope Dealers… Y’all enjoy!

“From the outside looking in, we never really know what others are going through. While some maybe completely content, others are fighting battles bigger than we can imagine. Regardless of the situation, everyone has had to deal with their own Blunt Reality at some point and V.A. Tha Gray is here to give you a glimpse of his.

Touching on racial inequality, the rap game and what he’s witnessed in the Nawf Dallas streets, his new project serves as a re-introduction to the masses as he bares it all for the love of hip hop.”

Stream and purchase VA The Gray’s “Blunt Reality” now on bandcamp.