“we will.. by any means necessary, not fail our mission…”
– Sir Jacen Spada III

So last night…well late last night, I fell asleep listening to Imhotep’s 11 track introductory body of work “My Beautiful Disaster”. It was like listening to an energetic hip hop lullaby if that makes any sense. I was able to put my “smart phone” down and just enjoy what (at times) sounded like a futuristic Bayou Classic Battle of the Bands on 16 bars of lyrical crack – in other words well orchestrated sounds that most folks won’t catch up to for another few years – welcome to the Goldeneyed Era. If you are a fan of Kanye’s deep passion for his creativity and work ethic you’ll love Imhotep. And Imohotep if you are reading this… I won’t forget how I “felt” when I listened to “My Beautiful Disaster” – hip hop needs creators. Don’t stop. No validation. Thats how I feel. Y’all enjoy!