“Why would the governor pick HIM? (Jay Z)” – Sean Hannity

The 50+ shades of reactions to our blackness. That is the best way to really describe V.A. Tha Gray’s new joint. Despite the fact that he IS an educated emcee, poet and an activist, V.A. Tha Gray has to break it down lyrically, historically, and psychologically (for the unenlightened) on what it means to always be “painted” black on his new track entitled “Black Boy”.

Here’s more bout the track…

“While fans are still enjoying the recent release of V.A. Tha Gray’s latest album, “Blunt Reality”, the Nile Music artist is dropping a new single entitled, “Black Boy” in honor of Black History Month.

Taking a new approach to his sound, V.A. taps into a darker side of his production creating an aggressive yet alluring beat to keep up with his equally captivating lyrics that touch on the holy mecca of earth, stereotypes of the black man and more.”

I might be from around the way, but I’m educated and I’m never bought.”
– V.A. Tha Gray

Listen, think, and enjoy!