I haven’t listened to Gone Wallace in a minute (please forgive me), but at this very minute I AM listening to a track entitled “Paradise” by Gone Wallace which was released last year… And dammit I swear this emcer says all the right things (I’m not giving you Dolomite/Imma keep it real/ That shit they sell you is overpriced/But I’ll give it to you) and laces his tracks with all that damn feel good music – just catapulting you into this zone you NEEDED but wasn’t ready for. On his latest track, which was released in February, Gone Wallace gives us a dose of not one but two of his musical zones on “Flying Nimbus/Hyperdrive”. Read more about this two part track here… And enjoy!

“I’m not from this planet, I’m showing her something different, I don’t think she can handle it…” – from ‘Flying Nimbus’

“It’s like she’s chopped and screwed up but she’s in Karma Sutra…” – from ‘Hyper Drive’

“Philadelphia artist, Gone Wallace, blesses ears once again with his newest futuristic sound, ‘Flying Nimbus/ Hyperdrive.’ This two-part musical arrangement, goes over topics ranging from Pokemon (Weedle) references to Gone’s ability to mesh with the Yakuza. The track transitions from fast-paced bravado to a chopped and screwed sounding ballad, thus displaying Wallace’s versatility. Russian producer, Mr Jazzy Bubblez, flexes his music prowess by providing both soundscapes, while T. Kanno provides the mix.”

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