“I had to snatch up my jacket
Before I went outside
They got a lotta selfish folks
Who just won’t let me stay dry.”
– Dude With No Name, “Rain”

A friend of mine and I were just talking about artists who “record” music vs. artists whose recordings give you an experience. Baton Rouge’s Dude with No Name gives listeners an experience with his versatile rhyme flows, introspective lyrics and “spacey/trap/synth heavy” produced tracks. This is definitely a project that you’ll listen to all they way through – I haven’t put my headphones down yet. Enjoy, “Enjoy”!

About the project…

“One year after Dude with No Name released his more personal/ emotion driven project “Other.” he returns with his new FREE album “Enjoy”. To guide you into the more spacey/trap/synth heavy, hook catchy songs and productions brought to you by M.E.M.C. Only in house producer A.D.D. Beats is an echoing array of voices telling you to enjoy before being brought into a bass heavy, simple dope drum loop composition with a topic of the necessary needs to succeed, before being thrown into a double sided party joint with the overall undertone being “Fuck y’all” entitled as “Tired”. The diversity, wordplay, and Technical flows displayed by Dude with No Name is an yearly seasoned ability perfected from multiple projects released by the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 22 years old native. “Enjoy” was created for you to enjoy and to understand the anime invested, introverted, music connoisseur, thinker, Tajh Spikes train of thought. Enjoy.”

About the artist

“Tajh Spikes (Born June 18, 1992), Better known by his stage name Dude with No Name, is an American hip hop recording artist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Turning his life into content for his music is a walk in the park for Dude with No Name. He has always wrote what he felt despite the popular sound of his peers. Delivering a profound sound that gives insight into being on the outer crowd of things, Dude with No Name uses compelling wordplay to connect and bring you into his world.”

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