“audio journaling: unkempt” is a tonic for cleansing the collective conscious. For some it will be uncomfortable initially none the less healthy and beneficial for all.” – Conscious


This is something that I definitely needed to share from artist, emcee, spoken word artist, actor, producer, and Music Supervisor for the radio show T.K. in the A.M. on bondfireradio – “Brotha” Conscious (who is also featured on my “Let’s Eat” page which you should check out). Okay now, I have purchased “audio journaling: unkempt” and still I am finding audio and visual gems that I haven’t had a chance to listen to or watch that all make up the beauty of the project – it’s the artistic gift that keeps on giving. Conscious is always finding creative ways that go all the way left and just perfect for ALL the right reasons to deliver music (i.e. the various forms of hip hop) to his listeners whether it’s via dope visuals or well crafted tracks. If you haven’t listened to the project, allow me to introduce you to it… Check out the audio visual (not lyrics and audio) below which features all the tracks on the project EXCEPT the bonuses/goodies that come with the full purchase – (you can purchase here). Some of my favorite tracks are “crystals on charge”, “starpower jack” (prod. by DJ Ment Plus) and “Drownin” (which always pushes me through some of my darker days). Even Nancy Reason “appears” on the track via a snippet on the track “no drugs”.  Please listen, watch, absorb, tweet with Conscious about what you’ve heard (@Conscious) and enjoy “audio journaling unkempt”.

*Pssst… the visuals start at track 3. “messin wit my molecules”.