“|HAVEN| is a sonic representation of how I spent my last 6 months. The borders in the title symbolize the safe place I find in making music. Through this medium, I feel like I can discuss certain issues and express myself how I couldn’t outside of it.”
– Gone Wallace

Gone Wallace has released his latest artistic offering entitled |Haven|, which is a follow-up to his previous projects “Monks”, and “Monks Too”. |Haven| includes some fan favorites like the soulful and laidback “Love Jones” as well as “Lisa Bonet”. On this project, Gone Wallace continues to raise the bar as he blends hip hop, jazz, synth, neo soul, sonic vibes and smart lyricism which culminates into an excellent project AND musical experience from beginning to end. |Haven| also comes equipped with individual artwork for each track and an acompanying documentary, which will all be released on a later date. And as always, Gone Wallace exceeds with sitting you on his comfortable couch and inviting you into his world (his safe place) – and this Sista can’t run away from it – Gone Wallace’s |Haven|. Enjoy!

You can also download the entire project here.