Oakland is my hometown, so shout out to Sway, Heiro, Hobo Junction, Shomari, APG Crew, CaliMade, Too Short, Hammer, Westside Major, Quincy Mosby, etc., etc., who have all represented Oakland’s rich hip hop culture over the years. But, the thing that excited me the most about Sway’s interview the other day was hearing that there is actual film footage of the infamous Casual/Saafir, Heiro/Hobo battle that will also serve as a documentary. Like many, I’ve heard a first hand account, I’ve heard the audio, the verdict on who won (Oakland hip hop won in my opinion) and read the numerous online stories/narratives. So for me, seeing the film footage would be akin to seeing the film footage of Aretha Franklin’s “Amazing Grace” recording that has never been released – just freakin’ awesome! Scratch that, I wish I WAS there is probably a more accurate sentiment. I’m telling you, some folks just know (20-30 years in advance) when they have captured a golden moment in music history. Enjoy Sway’s interview!

Photo credit: Random Rap Radio