“Homie I don’t force a bar, this is God’s will.” – 1st Generation, “Wise Mon”


After releasing their inaugural anthem “Building” 1st Generation returns with their debut 5 track EP… It’s what the fans have been waiting for!

About the artists…

“Coming fresh out of Staten Island, NY, 2/7 of the New Shaolin collective 1st Generation is a rap duo made up of Ant McQueen and I-AM-I. The name 1st Generation comes from their heritage, both being first American born in their families of Carribean descent. The duo recently released their first self titled EP “1st Generation” which was produced by Ant McQueen and includes their “life” street anthem “Building”. No strangers to this hip hop game (Ant McQueen is also a producer and I-AM-I previously released his own solo album), 1st Generation would like listeners to know that their first project was made with the purest intent.” Enjoy!

1st Generation online…