“When oportunity knocks
Will you answer the door?
I’m never too comfortable,
Creatively sure.
Ya’ history books should have
My face all in it,
I raise to occasions
Like blood on abrasions,
So, stop punk faking
And reveal what you made of,
Fear no man
My mind sharp as a shape up…”
– “Late Night Freestyle”, Mr. Fickle

Today’s #eMceeCrushMonday hails from Camden, NJ. Having only put out his first mixtape in 2010 (“The Strets Can’t Tell Me Nothing”) his wordplay, rhyme skills, and grown man topics says otherwise… Somehow, I thought I overlooked this highly skilled/veteran emcee back in the late 80s or early 90s when I first heard him over a year ago because of his classic rhyme style. Mr. Fickle The Greener Side of Hip Hop salutes you as todays eMceeCrushMonday!
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