Boston native Latrell James recently released his most personal project to date entitled “Twelve”. With production by his brother Teddy Boyd, the project delves inside Latrell’s artistic journey over a span of years – hence the number twelve. So although, Mr. James still has my “99 Altima” in his possession, I’ll forgive him and grant him a post “takeover”… seriously Mr. James has provided fans and new listeners with a deeper and more personal take on his project “Twelve”… it’s too eloquent not to post. Enjoy!

“Sometimes it can take a lifetime of trials and

 tribulations for a person to realize their true

aspirations. For me, the maturation of my artistic

journey can be experienced in a span of twelve years.

Twelve is a representation of my life and the changes that occurred to me from age 12 to 24.  This project is my journey from adolescence to adulthood and the main theme throughout is growth. To me, if something is not growing then it is dead. So ultimately, I hope this piece will inspire people and help them through whatever struggles they are experiencing.”
– Latrell James