“Money, power, and respect is everything

To a nigga who ain’t neva had shit.”

– Legandvry, “MPR”

When I listen to the multitude of street narratives from artists of the various hip hop genres, I never forget where I came from – Oakland. I never forget what music culture has impacted my generation the most – hip hop.  And, I will never forget what Tasty Keish from Bondfire Radio said about rap music on the air one day – “you have to learn HOW to listen to rap music”.  Thus, I’ve learned to listen for the story that is being told and why. “MPR” is a new track from the Bay Area’s Legendvry which is from his upcoming project “Trap Art” which will be released May 19th and features Cali Made’s Billy Bob Shankle and Steve Shankle. With production by Fat Boi, “MPR” is a bounce heavy track with that classic Oakland feel and Legandvry and the Shankles have masterfully curated the voices and street narrative for inner city life on this track using the themes of “money, power, and respect.” Enjoy!