Sylvester, GA native, Big Meats released his latest project, “Financial Aid” earlier this month. If you’re a college graduate you’ll understand and admire Big Meats’s lyrical narrative about the trials and tribulations of earning that “paper”.

About the project…

“Financial Aid takes you through the journey of a kid who at one point was on top of the world after graduating, then eventually his life takes a complete 180. From dealing with students loans, to moving to a new city with no money. Dealing with self doubt and even being withdrawn from college due to financial aid issues and having to find a way to survive in the “real world”.

For Big Meats, there’s more than one meaning to “Financial Aid” Financial aid to him stems from him receiving money from school. Having to ask his parents for money after being withdrawn from school and not receiving financial aid the second semester. Even receiving government assistance to eat is a form of financial aid. Big Meats paints this picture of the numerous forms of financial aid and how it has effected his life in the past and currently.”

Prod by: @SabirMuhammad and @DonGBeats.