“They don’t give a fuck about us,
If he brown, when in doubt,
Gun him down –
And now what?
I wonder how much,
Y’all judge is the worth of my soul…
I tend round up 3/5 to a whole.”
– sammus

“Three-Fifths” is a song about the cost of being viewed as subhuman. Armed with powerful rhymes from upstate NY spitter Sammus and rich production from her NuBlack Music Group labelmate, D Nilsz, this track forces listeners to remember those who have paid the ultimate price for being black in America. Above all, “Three Fifths” is a song that reminds black people that they are whole even though they are often treated like three-fifths of a human by law enforcement.

The song will be featured on the soundtrack of the forthcoming Independent film “Rodney.”

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