Newly established Eye Am Records artist Fr33 Will takes on J. Cole’s “Fire Squad” and revamps it for the gospel/Christian hip hop heads AND really for any true hip hop head as this is a dope, clean freestyle. However, I think Fr33 Will teased us in a major way on this track – we are praising you (and this freestyle) and looking forward to more!

About the track:

Eye Am Records Artist Fr33 Will (Pronounced Free Will) did some lyrical damage last night to J.Cole’s “Fire Squad” instrumental.  The track is apart of a series called “Saturday Night Live Freestyles”. Similar to what rappers Fabolous & Jadakiss have been doing every Friday. Fr33 Will on the other hand tho is dropping a new freestyle every  Saturday for the whole summer. Fr33 also challenged his label mates and many other artist (Secular & Christian) to join in the SNLF movement.  Some artist have decided to go up for the challenge. Fr33 Will says he is just trying to stay consistent until the release of his project “The Fr33 World” dropping later this year.

About Fr33 Will
“Fr33 Will whose real name is Levon Freeman, was born and raised in the Bronx, NY.
He picked up the art of Hip Hop at the age of 8 years old, but it wasn’t until High School that Fr33 started taking his gift seriously. He teamed up with a group known as Rampage in Brooklyn, later to join Wreckhouse in the North Section of the Bronx. It was at Wreck house were free met artist Denzil Porter and Producer Claws, During this time he went by the name Young Woo. He was known for hardcore lyrics about sex, drugs and gang affiliation. The 2 played a big part in Free’s life and music, showing him how to transition from a rapper to an artist. After a few years of working with Wreckhouse Fr33 Will made another transition and became a Christian”
Soon after he change his name to Free Will and team up with The Triangle Trade. The group as been letting the world know that a Christian can “rhyme like that”