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This is the inaugural “More Volume In The Headphones” and I couldn’t have chosen a better emcee than 3D Na’Tee, she is everything a Hip-Hop artist should be diverse, lyrically ferocious, quick witted with punchlines and sleek. She is the type of artist that not only female emcees but all emcees should aspire to be.

New Orleans born and breed (with accompanying Creole accent) she is the very definition of a self-made artist, home grown and organic. She bites her tongue for no one and pushes her own product for the betterment of her brand; she is truly a business woman on all levels. Known for directing and editing her own videos, many of which have shown up in your Facebook newsfeed such as “Switch”, “Dear Old Me” and the thought provoking “Who Can We Run To?” a scathing referendum on the current state of racism in American as it pertains to the African plight in society with a heavy focus on police brutality. Her brutally unapologetic flow and natural propensity for speaking her mind, makes her an emcee to be reckoned with on any level on any day.

While she has had a fair share of exposure having been offered a production deal with Mosley Music Group ( Timbaland’s label responsible for the music you hear on Fox’s hit show Empire) Beyond that she has worked with the likes of Keri Hilson and Missy Elliot. Having received a cosign and nod from both Kendrick Lamar and Sway (Famously known for Sway in The Morning) she has been featured on a plethora of websites, magazines and radio shows but has yet to break through to the mainstream.

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So why do you need “More Volume In The Headphones” for 3d Na’Tee, the music speaks for itself. Don’t let the divine presence of her visage fool, you she is every bit the eye candy, but while pleasing the eyes the audio candy see gives you is even sweet if you can believe it. So I am asking you not to be distracted by her curvaceous frame, the woman an alluring lyrically assassin and if you get to close you may be burned in the best way possible. It is very rare that a emcee balances flow, storytelling and thought provoking lyricism in the era and be completely fearless when it comes time to speak for the speechless. If you look gritty, raw, in your face hip-hop which takes you into the rappers reality for a greater understanding of their art and poetry, this is the one.
“More Volume In The Headphones” … “You should be listening!”

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