VS recently sent us his video for his highly acclaimed track “Took A Vow”. He also shared more insight about his name/the concept of Victory & Struggle, his hip hop influences, as well as his upcoming project “R.O.M. Vol. 2.” which will include “Took A Vow”.

 “What Does VS Stand For?”  Here’s the answer …“The name VS stands for Victory & Struggle. I chose this name because in life there must be balance, there is no up without down, no left without right, no good without bad. VS represents constant struggle with the good & bad within. I’ve come from a background of chaos but I have found my balance.”

Growing up I was heavily influenced by the hip hop culture… “My earliest memories of hip-hop culture came from the witnessing of a close range murder just outside my window. I remember shortly after, turning on the TV to find the Ghetto Boys video “My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me” playing & thinking to myself the image I had just witnessed on a rooftop outside my window was what I was just watching on TV. From that point on I was captivated by the culture. It felt real to me & as time passed & more personal struggles came around, it was the music I would listen to that would help me cope.”

On “R.O.M. Vol. 2” … “I channel my influences and experiences into a street-classic project that is exactly what old school heads have been feigning for. Keep on the lookout for the project coming soon.”

In the meantime enjoy his new inspirational visuals for “Took A Vow”.